Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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We recently had the honor to share our experience roasting a couple of whole piglets on the blog of one of our culinary heroes - Michael Ruhlman. As young chefs, we eagerly devoured his books: The Making of a Chef, a must read for anyone considering a culinary career and culinary school, and The Soul of a Chef, featuring an intimate account of cooking at the French Laundry under chef Thomas Keller and exploring what it means to really be a chef. As professionals, we have relied upon and learned from his truly essential books: The Elements of Cooking, never has an essay on the import of veal stock been so fascinating, Ratio and it's accompanying app have saved us time and again. Charcuterie, his book with Brian Polcyn is nearly biblical in terms of it's influence on chefs interested in curing, smoking, and the craft of sausage making. We eagerly look forward to his next books and apps or whatever else he chooses to explore. Oh and check out those pigs!

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