Thursday, April 3, 2008


Nothing quite like ramps to change the way your trunk smells. Having made the mistake of leaving a bag o' ramps in the trunk last year for only an hour, and smelling them for rest of the spring, we made sure they only sat there for a quick five minute trip. We picked up our first ramps of the year today at Lula Café, they being the helpful middleman for Spence Farm, the ramp kings of the Midwest. Just to warm up, I had a quick eggs Benedict at Lula, complete with some delicious hunks of pork, a tasty lemon hollandaise, some Swan Creek eggs, a couple of toasty pieces of baguette, and of course RAMPS! I love these things. I love them on pizza, I love them pickled, I love them in pesto, I love them in ramp butter, I love them in pasta. Grilled ramp butter with hangar steak anyone?

Just in case you're a bit confused about all this ramp talk and are thinking I'm a skateboarder or X Games guy, let us clarify what a ramp is. Per Wikipedia, ramps are also known as wild leeks and are a member of the onion family. You can eat the whole thing. The green leafy part is particularly good for quick cooking or for salad and pesto. The white and pinkish stems are great for pickling or longer cooking. Try cooking some ramp stems with some bacon and cook up some crispy potatoes. You'll be happy. They are quite aromatic, bringing the best sweetness and bite from both garlic are onion.

Be sure to be on the look out for ramps in both Sunday Dinner menus and Eat Green Foods items. We are already incorporating them into our sandwiches and sides. Man, I stink!

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